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discount ray ban sunglasses The watch industry market in Yiwu is the early development of the industry, after 20 years of development, has begun to take shape, so far, concentrated in the G area of the third floor of International Trade City 396, four floor 109, electric business area electronic plus, and interspersed in a period of handicrafts, jewelry, toys, watches enterprises in the camp, a total of more than 500, of which nearly 200 enterprises producing and assembling. Today's Yiwu, a strong magnetic field to attract foreign "". "Who first found in Yiwu, who will seize the opportunities".

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ray ban sunglasses outlet In the European market, the total amount of glasses rimless glasses accounted for about 40% of the overall market, most of which is the pursuit of fashionable tide gens. The political elite even in American election last year in the limelight of the Republican vice presidential candidate Palin are fans of rimless glasses. Rimless glasses more fashion styles; rich colors, comfortable to wear, greatly easing the pressure on the bridge of the nose and eyes, but also because the bound no frame, the wearer's vision is wide, so the glasses favored by young. ray bans online

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ray ban sunglasses cheap In the domestic market, currently no glasses sales of less than 5% of total sales. Investigate its reason, on the one hand is the backward concept of consumption, on the other hand, because the production process of rimless glasses are higher, the domestic market is also a lack of unified standards, rimless glasses market in undeveloped stage in domestic. The mirror products on line a few weeks, it has been in the current trend of urban people spread, has become quite popular fashion. ray ban australia

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